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Adventist Youth

on a Mission


AYM Northwest

Adventist Youth on a Mission Northwest was started by a group of young people who wanted to have fun and grow closer to Christ in fellowship together.  Soon ideas started forming and they decided to meet together in Idaho in the winter of 2018 for a retreat. As soon as the weekend was over, everyone was asking when something like it would happen again, and thus Adventist Youth on a Mission began.   

From the beginning...

AYM Northwest is now an affiliate of Adventist Youth on a Mission. Our retreats are weekends in which Seventh-Day Adventist young people can come together to participate in fun social activities, gain outreach experience, and grow stronger in faith. We would love to see you at our next retreat!

AYM Northwest now...
We chose the name "Adventist Youth on a Mission Northwest" because we as Seventh-Day Adventist young people are on a mission, aiming to impact the Northwest for Christ.
Our vision is that young people will be enabled to see how God can work through them in a special way when they step out for Him in faith at these retreats, and then be inspired to work for God in their own communities.

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