February 17-20, 2021

Valley View Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Having a relationship with Jesus and placing your trust in Him brings true peace and happiness. As we serve Him and those around us, we will find fulfillment. In the sunshine or in the shadows, through the trials and the hardships, He will be with us and brighten our path.



One of the biggest parts of AYM Northwest is outreach. During our retreats, we take several hours and go out into the communities, spreading the gospel to a world in need. Youth at AYM Northwest retreats are inspired to go home and continue the work.



4:30-5:30 Registration

4:30 Icebreakers

5:30 Light supper

6:45 Evening meeting

8:00 Orchestra practice


8:30 Prayer session

9:00 Morning meeting

10:15 Outreach training 

10:45 Outreach

1:30 Lunch/Ice skating  

4:00 Orchestra practice/parents prayer session 

5:30 Supper

6:30 Outreach reports

6:45 Evening meeting

7:45 Singing and music

8:30 Leave for lodging


8:45 Prayer session

9:15 Orchestra practice

10:00 Sabbath School

11:15 Divine Service

1:00 Lunch

2:30 Organize for Outreach

3:00 Leave for Outreach

5:15 Arrive at Church

5:30 Supper

6:30 Outreach reports 

6:45 Small Groups

8:00 Group Games

9:00 Leave for Lodging


8:30 Prayer session

9:00 Morning meeting